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Wheel Building and Stuffs 
Sometimes you just gotta have a wheel set that isn't available exactly as you want it.

Polkadot Bicycles has connections with quite a few wholesale suppliers which can supply rims, spokes, hubs, complete pre-built and custom-built wheels.  

For Example:  A set of Shimano hubs built with DT Stainless spokes onto Sun double-wall rims will run around $220-275 depending on the hubs chosen.  This exact wheelset was built for a client six years ago and after 5 Gravel Worlds races and training have yet to have a problem.  Bulletproof.  

When the snow starts to fly, sign up for wheelbuilding classes.  Choose your hubs, spokes and rims, we will order them, and some evening or weekend afternoon we will build them.  These classes are a community service and designed to pass on the timeless art of building wheels.  Great opportunity to learn something and get a custom wheelset.  Crazy.     $25 plus parts

Sun CR18    $39
Sun Inferno Disc    $49
Sun Assault     $46
Velocity Deep Vee   $79
Velocity Dyad    $119

Deore Shimano Set     $59
Origin 8 Sealed Set      $135

Stainless Steel 2.0 or 1.8mm     $0.48 and up

From $40 per wheel, depending on the hub.