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If you’re looking for an affordable, comfortable, safe and reliable bicycle then you have come to the right place.  My emphasis is on classic beauty, functional form, and nearly total avoidance of "technology".  
Whether you're riding to Henry's on South or the South Pole, you want a bike that isn't going to fight you, bite you, get in the way, or leave you walking.  All bikes come with a one-year flat-fix guarantee.  Free.  
A few of the complete bikes I offer

New Albion Homebrew Tour  $949
Soma Buena Vista  $1,349
Soma Double-Cross Disc  $1749
Soma Grand Randonneur $1349 
There are no secret tricks in the very competitive bicycle industry.  Every manufacturer buys truck-loads of parts and attempts to cut enough corners so that they can undersell the other guy and still have enough money for full-page ads and a pro race team. At the end of they year they have 60% off sales.
That's not how we do it at Polkadot.  I sell frames and bikes which have over a century of development and are made by human hands out of the finest tool-steel on the planet.  
So, if you want something timeless and as beautiful today as it was 30 years ago and will hold its beauty for decades to come, then let's get started.  

Please complete the form on this page and we can sit down and discuss exactly what the perfect bike for you might look like.  Custom builds start at $950 for a complete bike.  That's not much, considering it will be built by you and be like no other bike out there.   (Allow 6 weeks for custom colors)