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​Until They Are Gone:
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Bikes are not tents, coats, or sleeping bags:
If you want to get into biking or want a better bike we understand the temptation to go online and order one in a box for CHEEP or find that perfectly maintained used bike online and save a ton of money.  Well, that's fine. Sometimes that plan works.  
However, when you buy a Polkadot Bike all of the problems with your bike magically go from being your problems to being MY problems.  Can you put a price on that?  Well, yes.  It's about $0.26/day for the year we maintain your new rig for you.  
We professionally assemble your bike so it breaks in perfectly and after 100 miles or so we tune it up at no cost.  You also go to the head of the line and the other folks who found gems online will wait.  
We encourage to look around at the other bike shops in the area.  Compare what they have to what we can get or what we're stocking.  The folks at Roll!, Fuji, Breezer, KHS, and others make super high-quality bicycles and just because they don't pay millions for positive reviews and cover photos on the bike mags doesn't make them average.  I've been a dealer with these companies for years and to this date haven't had to warranty a single bike or part yet.  If a company sends me bikes which are anything less than perfect then that's the end of our relationship.  We don't "fix" new bikes.  Never have, and never will.  

Find yourself...on a Polkadot Bicycle.