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WELCOME TO Polkadot Bicycles!
Don’t Be a Victim of Planned Obsolescence
 I am able to offer you that personal touch you’ve been looking for. My goal is to make you a commuter, tourist, randonneur or just free from the rat race. 
Whether you're going from home to work or school or riding to Portland, I have the common-sense bike which will deliver you there in maximum comfort with minimum hassle or danger.  After all, isn't that what it's all about? 

Noon-6p M-F
10-2p Sat
Closed if raining
Wheel-building classes starting again this fall.  Contact me for details.  
Did you know?

In 1939 the winner of the race from Liege to Bastogne and back to Liege Belgium did 211 km at an average speed of 37.35 km/hr.  This was done on a steel bicycle with hand-made tires.  Also, keep in mind that he probably slept in a bad hotel, took a train to the race, and rode over poor roads.  

A few months ago Simon Gerrans did the same race on a computer-designed super-lightweight bicycle over perfect roads with modern equipment in just a fractionally better average speed (39.676 km/hr). 

Whatever bicycle you decide to buy or build, please keep a few things in mind:
1.  You will not always be riding here in Lincoln
2.  You will not always be the age you are today
3.  You will not always be as fit or unfit as you are now
4.  The reason you drive the car you drive is because it makes your life easy, not because it's fast or light or currently the hip thing to drive. Be sensible.  
5.  The most expensive bike you will ever buy is the one you don't ride
6.  The Motorola Razr was the #1 phone in 2004.  How much are those worth now?  Don't get sucked into the technology trap.  
7.  A Bob Jackson frameset from 1975 recently sold for over $1000, used.  This was $700 more than the new price of the frame.