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Whether you order a bike from an online retailer or from me, I encourage you to think about the hours and hours you will (hopefully) spend on your bicycle and realize that everyone wants to sell you a bike and everyone will promise you the world. The bike industry has millions of people trying to re-invent the wheel (literally) every day. Some questions you should ask yourself are:  What size do I need?  What sort of frame materials are "best"?  Are disc brakes really the answer to life's problems?  Where will I ride my bicycle and what's the best bike for the places I may encounter?
All of these questions have answers, but the answers for you are going to be different from what your expert neighbor's might be. There is not one "best" bike, but there is the proper bike for what you are going to use it for.

A bicycle is a pretty major investment, or it should be.  It's not like a pair of sunglasses or jeans.  You don't just see something on the bike path, think it's cool, and plunk down $500 or $3000 on it only to have it hang in your garage because it hurts or it's too small, big, long, squirrelly, buzzy, sluggy, wonky, or scary.  I see it every day.  I try to fix these bad marriages all the time, often with moderate success.  

If you don't want to end up in an unhappy bike-you relationship, I encourage you to swing by and chat.  Even if you end up ordering something from one of the online retailers I would be happy to build it for you and make sure you don't get sold a cat-in-a-sack.  

There aren't any shortcuts in the bike world, everyone who works in it will assure you.  There's a reason that super-sweet bike online is $250 less than the one in the showroom down the street.  Nobody has an inside line on non-counterfeit bikes that they can blow out and make money on.  It's a myth.  Whether you buy from me, or from the many fine retailers in Lincoln or Omaha, chances are that they are making very small levels of profit and bending over backwards for the chance to do it.  

Text, call, or swing by and we can discuss your upcoming investment.   
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Also, if it's icy or raining or snow is piled up on my front door then please call for an appointment.