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Polkadot Steel Bicycles
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Featuring Masi All-Roads Bike-Packing Bikes for 2017
Steel Bicycles also from KHS, Soma, and Public for '17.  
Polkadot Steel Bicycles ® 3863 South Street, Lincoln, NE 68506

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It may be fair to say that the oldest and most noble use of the bicycle is to simply ramble and explore. Our French cousins may call it a randonn’ee: a riding culture that engenders camaraderie and deposes the will to win at all costs. Adventure cycling is about following the trail, and when the trail ends blazing a new one. Riding with enough supplies to reach the next civilization, and when night falls we salute our companions under the canopy of the universe and toast to the next adventure. The 2017 Masi Adventure range is born from everything we know and love about exploring on a bicycle.
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​Steel Bicycles from 
Public of San Francisco 
Masi of Milan, Italy