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We don't want to sell you a bicycle, we want to sell you on bicycling.  Lincoln is a great place to ride, but it's no fun if you're on a bike that is too big, too small, too stiff, or hurts.  This is why we specialize in lightweight springy bicycles that take the beating so you don't have to.  Come and see what the engineers at Columbus, Reynolds and Tange (they make tubing) have produced this year that will make you a believer.  
Mon-Fri  Noon-Six PM
Weekends  Appointments Encouraged
After riding about a billion hard miles on my Soma, I can say it's superior to all!
-Matt W.  Lincoln

3863 South Street, Lincoln, NE  68506
Free Wheel-Building Classes This Winter.  Contact Me for Details.
Internet Bicycle Price Match! Not. **
**  Not really.  The bikes online all have problems, and that's between you and the internet.  Leave me out of it.

All Bicycles Come With:  professional assembly, tire sealant option, free installation of accessories, 10% off accessories, free adjustments for one year, and other social benefits.
A little information I can kick down to you before you visit the shop about bikes and life and how things work according to my opinion (RS).  

First off, nobody is getting rich by offering a vastly superior bikes or accessories at a price that rivals wholesale.  If you see something online that's a super deal, it may be, but bikes are not tents, kayaks, or Frisbees.  You're asking a 15-30lb device to take you and your gear down a mountain at 45mph and work perfectly in 95F heat miles from water. You're asking it not to work you over on your dream vacation.  Guys and gals who build, sell, and repair  bikes need to have tons of skill, information, and experience under their belts in order to do even a passable job.  If you're looking for excellence, you can find it in Lincoln, but it's not cheap. If you're looking for cheap, there's lots of that everywhere.

If you want to be happy and take that dream trip or become that accomplished racer or commute as a lifestyle without having to worry about stuff and accept happiness, then get a bike that fits and fits your needs and fits your budget and fits your life-style.  Every day I talk to people about their "next" bike, how it's going to be "the one".  Well, they should have maybe done that before buying the bike they're riding.  Getting it right the first time can save you much more stress and cash than any online blowout sale can.  

The best thing you can do if you want to take biking to the level of happiness is to make sure you get a bike that fits you today, tomorrow, and when you're old.  Steel bikes last almost forever, so don't be the person with a sweet bike in their living-room that's too scary, aggressive, ill-fitting, or painful to ride.  Plan ahead.  

The absolute finest bikes in the world today, one's you would see at the Handbuilt Bicycle Show, are more or less the same bikes you may have found under tourists and randonneurs in the 1950's.  Made of steel, light, with room for fenders and some racks and enough gears and wide enough tires to take you anywhere you may need to go.  I recommend the KHS, Public, or Soma brands which I stock in some capacity, but also can obtain Cinelli and Colossi if something tickles you.