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Polkadot Steel Bicycles
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All MASI in-stock and special order bikes 15% off...what?  
Steel Bicycles also from KHS, Soma, and Public for '17.  
Polkadot Steel Bicycles ® 3863 South Street, Lincoln, NE 68506

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Open During Nice Weather (No Rain/Snow) Weekdays From Noon 'Til Six PM.  
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Why this guy rides his 40 year old steel horse.
Celebrate 90 Years of building the best bikes ever.  
Team Masi explains why Masi is a bike you'll ride and cherish.  It's all about the ride.  Say "bye" to sluggish and twitchy bikes.  
Free Masi Hat, T-Shirt and Socks to the next three customers who purchase a Masi Italian Bicycle.