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Polkadot Bicycles Services
I can usually get to basic repairs, tune-ups, etc. the same day.  If you have a big ride coming up, drop me a line and you can usually have your bike back much sooner than waiting weeks for the big shops to do it.  Sure, I can't do it all and if you need something like hydraulics or shocks serviced, they you'd better call Saul.  
In most cases, if I do need to order a part, it's two days away.  

​I do match prices with most big online retail houses such as Amazon, so if you want to support the little guys, just let me know and I'll shoot you a better price in most cases.  Be aware that sometimes stuff on the internet isn't first quality and super high-end stuff may be knock-offs, so check and see.  If it's too amazing to be true...