Polkadot Bicycles

Custom Bicycles from Roll:
A few years ago I met one of the owners of this Columbus, Ohio based bicycle outfit at a trade show.  He probably doesn't remember me because I own the smallest shop in the Midwest.  Back then he explained to me his concept for bringing the comfort, reliability, and super-light performance of a Super Bike to the affordable bicycle buyer.  
He explained to me that most people do not ride as much as they could because their bike wasn't quite right.  Not totally wrong, but just not exactly what they wanted.  
Well, at Polkadot you may test ride all sizes, configurations, saddles, bars, grips, tires, and so on until you dial in the EXACT right bicycle for you.  You might say that Polkadot has the most bikes available for test rides in the area.  Whether it's gravel, tour, adventure, road, commuter or randonneur, there is a Roll: bicycle for you.  
If you want to order online, that's fine.  Just have it shipped to my shop and we'll reimburse you any difference in cost vs. if you buy from us directly.   
​Drop by or set up and appointment.