Polkadot Bicycles of Nebraska

Retrospec Bicycles and Accessories
Retrospec is a California company which specializes in fun, reliable, affordable bikes.  We sell these bicycles because Retrospec sends us a product which is free from defects, never requires repair out of the box, and is well-thought out for maximum reliability and comfort for the price.  All in all, an amazing product.  
The Kinney is a no-nonsense steel commuter bike.  Lightweight, stainless spokes, great geometry, add racks and fenders if you're commuting hard.  $449 comes with expert build and one year of service.
The Amok Gravel is a 1x8 disc gravel bike with a lightweight aluminum frame.  $599 and comes with build and service.
The Beaumonts are your basic Dutch city bikes with rack and fenders, upright position and seven speeds to get you up the hills.  $449 with build and service.  
The Kinney Road can take wide tires and is a great Road/Commute/Gravel bike that is super stable, reliable, and functional.  $599 with build and service.
The Retrospec Trailer fits most bikes and allows you to tour without the cost and hassle of adding racks and bags to your bike.  Plus, when you get to your campsite you can remove it and ride your bike around.  Quick pop wheels for easy transport and storage.  $159