Polkadot Bicycles
Polkadot Bicycles is a Micro-Shop.  This means we don't charge much due to our low overhead.  It also means you aren't going to walk in and see 600 new and used bikes to test ride.  
If we order a bike for you and you decide after test rides that it's just not The Bike, we'll apply store credit until we do find your next bike.  If you decide you want to buy something from your buddy, instead, then we just keep your 10% deposit plus shipping.  
KHS Bikes
Established in 1974, KHS has been building super-high-quality bikes in Taiwan forever.  They sponsor the #1 USA Pro Cycling Team and, as a California-based company, are committed to keeping their product line fresh and contemporary without being experimental.  
Their line of Urban Steel Bikes is the best value anywhere and we'll try to have a few on hand for you to see.  
This year they're coming out with a superlight steel Gravel bike called the Grit 55.  Like all their steel bikes, it's made from either KHS steel or Reynolds Superlight steel.  Either way, they are really nice.  See them all at www.khsbicycles.com
Grit 55: $719 plus shipping and assembly
Urban 7: $289 plus shipping and assembly