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Face, hands, body, prevents chapping, rash, and makes life more better  $4
Super Duper Greasy
Biosol Environmental Degreaser
Polishing Oil
Teftec AS and Biotec AS
Biosol Bike Wash
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Kroon Bicycle Lubricants, Degreasers, Polishes, and Cleaners
All-season grease for headsets, hubs, bearings, anything $6
Gentle yet powerful cleaner.  Concentrated so one bottle dilutes 10;1  $18
A few drops on a soft rag and your frame comes alive.  A durable finish which repels dust, grit, slop, and gradoo of all sorts.  $9
Ride in any weather and your chain lasts forever.  Keep it clean and smooth. $10
Formulated for Aluminum, Carbon, Titanium, Painted surfaces. Dilute 10:1  $18 
Diligent use of all these products will keep your bike running and looking great for years and years.  Remember, never loan your bike to anyone, keep it locked when not in use, don't lean the frame against anything, park it indoors when possible, trust in God but look both ways to make sure and don't ride on the sidewalk, that's where 99% of crashes happen.