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Free Wheel-Building Classes this Winter...Learn to build and get a sweet set of hoops.  Text for info.
We offer custom-built wheels and off-the-shelf wheels.  With the bike industry going crazy and introducing all manner of disc, fat, thru, plus, etc. wheels it's impossible to keep even a fraction onhand.  However, we are teamed with an incredible company in Florida who can make your dream wheelset happen in just a few days.  



700 WTB TCS 2.0        $39 ea
700 Mavic Open Pro     $99 ea
700 DT Swiss R460        $79 ea
700 Alex A470                $34 ea
700 Mavic Open or CXP    $64 ea
700 Sun Ringle CR18        $38 ea
AND MORE...26", 27.5", FAT, Tandem, Kids, etc.


Shimano Dynamo Rim Brake 3N72 Silver/Black      $109
Shimano Dynamo Disc Brake S501 Black                 $122
Shimano T610 Front                                                    $20
Shimano RS400 Front                                                $35
DT Swiss 350 Front                                                    $96
Origin8 1100 Front                                                       $49
SRAM 700 Thru 15 Front                                            $59

Shimano TX500 Rear                                                $27
Shimano T3000 Rear                                                $38
Origin8 1100 Rear                                                    $75
SRAM 700 Thru 12 Rear                                        $85
AND MORE...Single Speed, 3 Speed, Fat, Tandem, Disc, Boost, etc. 

DT Champion 2.0 Spokes and Labor    $79/wheel
DT Alpine 1.8/2.0 Spokes and Labor    $99/wheel

DT 2.0 Spokes $158
Shimano Front Dynamo Hub $109
Shimano TX500 Rear  $27
Sun CR18 Rims $76
$370 Nearly Indestructible Commuter Wheelset


DT R470 Rims with Shimano Hubs Thru Axle Disc                $299/set
Mavic Open Pro with Shimano Hubs Thru Axle Disc                $399/set
Sun M13 with Origin8 Hubs Road 126 Freewheel                 $209/set
Weinmann LP18 with Wheelmaster Hub 8-10 Cassette         $99/rear
Mavic CXP Elite with Shimano RS400 Hub 8-10 Cassette        $139/rear
There are countless wheels available for Fat, Kids, Mountain, Tandem, Road, etc.