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Bicycles Available 
Sometimes my prices are lower than the manufacturers allow me to advertise, so no prices shown online.  Text, call, email, or stop by for pricing.

KHS of San Diego was established in 1975 and has been making top-tier bikes for a long, long time.  They offer everything you can think of at prices well below what the big dealers offer.  Tandems, kids, road, gravel, fat tire, downhill, touring, and more. Most of their frames are produced in the Taiwan factories that they own, so quality control is A1 and no middlemen are needed to distribute their products.  Don't be confused by similar products made in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India.  These are First World Bicycles with zero defects and 100% guarantees.  They also ride great.   

Masi was established in Milan in 1938 and was the choice bike for countless World Championships over the years.  They moved to So. California a few years ago but haven't changed the heritage or the basic great geometry of their classic bikes.  All of these are made of top-quality steel, aluminum or carbon in Taiwan or California.  Many of their higher end steel bikes are still brazed by hand.  

Reid of Australia just entered the US Market, but they did so with a bang.  Their bikes are still somewhat difficult to get, but when I do get them, they're amazingly good deals.  From their steel commuters to their fat bikes, they are a solid value with great quality control and proven geometries for recreational rides and commuters.  

Cinelli has been the #1 bicycle on the planet for a long, long time.  Started in the late 40's in Milan it has been the choice of countless professional racers through the years and was featured in the film "Breaking Away".  While they only offer a few models, these are researched and developed through real-world testing before being offered to the public.  Buying a Cinelli is like purchasing a piece of bicycle history.  

Colossi of Holland bicycles have been around my shop in limited numbers because they were difficult to obtain and because Colossi just moved from Southern China back to Holland.  Jan Kole is the owner and he's been building custom bikes for pro racers since the 1970's and has worked for large and small bike companies over the years.  His bikes are sold mostly in Europe and Asia, but he has allowed me to import a few.  Check the Colossi/Zar page for more information.  

Zar is an East Coast distributor run by an acquaintance of mine.  Roberto Graziani has been selling high-end hand-made Italian bicycles in the US for 35 years.  He's seen it all and I've been buying his products since I met him in 1994.  I was so impressed with the ride, feel, value and quality of the frames I have that I've been selling them since.  Check the Colossi/Zar page for more information.  

Closeouts and Demo Bikes
Nearly all my distributors have closeout deals on last-year's models, or even from 2-3 years back.  If you're looking for something super nice and don't need the latest fat, boost, disc, plus, extra, electro, super, max features, check with me and I'm sure I have something for you.  In most cases they're 20% off MSRP.  I can't advertise prices here, but text me.  For example, the KHS Gravel bikes from 2016 were left hanging and are still nearly 35% off.  Wow.  You never know when the bike industry will "invent" something "better" and leave your dream bike a lonely and unloved orphan by the hipster masses.  It happens.