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WELCOME TO Polkadot Bicycles of Nebraska
Bring Your Polkadot Bike By....Give it some Love 
If you want your bike to run like new in the spring, then make an appointment to bring your Polkadot Bike in for a session.  New chains, cassettes, cables, grips, the whole dang deal.  

In 2022 Polkadot Bicycles will be developing a Co-Op model.  This means that we will no longer offer repair services on new or used bicycles not purchased here.  

The reasoning behind this move is because, for example, my catalog has 60 pages of tires contained within.  Sixty.  Some of them work, some of them are junk.  I know which ones work, so those are the tires you will find at the shop.  There are 21 styles of bottom bracket.   I know of the two that work.  I order bikes with those.   

​Going into the New Year we're going to focus on custom bikes, custom builds, and no nonsense commuter, fitness, gravel, etc. bikes.  These are the bikes we like and which give us the least trouble.   They are fun for you to ride and fun for us to maintain.  
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