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   We care about our customers
If you just want a bike that fits you, is fun to ride, and won't let you down...give us a call.  Really, bikes should be affordable, comfortable, and reliable.  Those are the bikes we offer.  Bikes are not tents or sleeping bags...they need service...we do it for free.  Leave the headaches to us.  
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Polkadot Bicycles of Nebraska ® 3863 South Street, Lincoln, NE 68506
Secret to our success? 
Panaracer Gravel King Folding Knobbies 35 $60/pair
Kenda Flintridge Pro Folding Tires 40 and 35 $70/pair
Panaracer Pasela Wire 38 $40/pair
All Lube 50% off (excludes Kroon products)
Lincoln Collector's Tees $10
Japanese Bells 50% off
Axiom Laptop Panniers 50% off
Reid Gravel Bikes Large and Small 25% off
Rear Seat Bags All Models and makes 50% off
All pumps 50% off
All pedals 25% off
Front Racks (canti mount) 50% off

Polkadot is sole US Distributor for Kroon Oil Products
The #1 Killer of really nice bikes is negligence.  Be nice to your bike and add cans or bottles of lubricant and cleaner to your next purchase.  Be Happy.