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Polkadot Steel Bicycles
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Colossi, Coppi, Guerciotti, and Casati and Masi bicycles are built by hand in the old-school traditional Dutch and Italian methods from the finest bicycle tubing in the world.  The new stainless steel bicycles, if you're worried about a few extra pounds, can be built as light as aluminum.  An outstanding complet steel bicycle which will last a lifetime can be had for as little as $494 (Masi Uno Drop)

Pro Frame Options

TIG  $1195  Lugged  $1295 and Fillet Brazed  $1395

Add $290 for KVA Stainless Steel Tubing
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For those who have a favorite bike and want to replicate or improve upon it, we offer the custom made-to-measure.  
XCr Stainless Steel Frames

TIG  $2100  Lugged  $2200  Fillet Brazed  $2300
Frame Options

chrome plating front fork $ 20.50
chrome plating on frame $80.00 
additional color ( simple design ) per color $45,00
polished lugs $75.00 
Cinelli spoiler bracket, ital. tread $85.00 
internal cable routing, stainless steel tube inside, per routing $80.00 
mono stay $80.00 
double seat tube $100,00
stainless steel protector $35.00 
stainless steel lugs $45.00 
stainless steel braze ons $75.00
disc brake attachment $150
triple triangle $75.00 
S & S coupler per coupler $ 495.00
Fork Options

Colossi Kaisei Evolution front fork, aero crown with aero fork blades, painted or chrome plated $250.00

Colossi, Columbus front fork, SL or MAX, painted or chrome plated $240.00 

Colossi, 4130 butted Cr-Mo front fork, painted or chrome plated $210.00 

aluminum/carbon front fork 1", painted 1 color $152.50 

aluminum/carbon front fork 1-1/8", painted 1 color $152.50 

carbon front fork 1-1/8", painted 1 color $185.00 
carbon front fork 1-1/8 -1.5, painted 1 color $185.00 

Columbus FEL carbon monocoque front fork, 1.5" UD painted $245.00 
carbon front fork cycle cross, disc, 1-1/8" - 1.5" painted $185.00

carbon front fork cycle cross, canti, 1-1/8" - 1.5" painted $185.00